Listed below is our most up to date information on Adult Social Care in the borough of Lewisham. 

You can also download/print the information below here: Adult Social Care – Getting Help – Factsheet

Getting help from Lewisham Social Services (Adult Social Care)

Everyone has a legal right to be assessed and get advice from Social Services. But to get free practical help your needs have to be high enough and you must have personal assets of less than £14,250, or to get part funding you’ll need to have personal assets of less than £23,250.

Social Services can help you if your wellbeing is being negatively impacted by having difficulty with two or more of the 10 issues listed below:

  • eating
  • personal hygiene
  • toileting needs
  • dressing
  • using the home safely
  • maintaining a habitable home environment
  • developing and maintaining family or other personal relationships
  • work, training, education or volunteering
  • using local services, including public transport and leisure
  • looking after a child if you have one

Having an issue with one of the above is defined as:

  • You need help to do it
  • When you try to do it yourself it’s painful, or makes you feel distressed or anxious
  • It’s dangerous for you or others to do it
  • It takes you a much longer time than it should.

Adult Social Care can arrange support with personal care (such as eating, washing, or getting dressed) or for domestic routines (such as cleaning or going to the shops).This is often done through part- or fully-funding services such as care agencies or residential homes. Carers (family or friends who look after someone) also have a legal right to be assessed as a carer, and to ask for someone to be assessed under the care act, as long as they have the consent of the individual being assessed.

Before contacting Social Services, think about what needs you have. Try to be as specific as possible e.g. I need support to prepare food, I need prompting to take medication regularly etc.

Contacting Social Services

Be aware that when you start speaking on the phone with social services they may start carrying out the assessment straight away as part of the conversation.

Phone their Gateway Team: 020 8314 7777


More information

  • Phone Community Connections Lewisham to talk through how assessments work and how to apply: 0330 058 3464. Open Mon-Fri 9.30am-4pm (*except Thursdays afternoons when CCL runs its drop-in)
  • Carers (family and friends) who look after someone can also get independent advice from Carers Lewisham: 0203 886 0970.


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Last Update: May 2023