Free Wi-Fi and connecting online for free (or low cost)

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  • There are millions of free wifi spots in the UK, including:
    • libraries
    • cafes etc including McDonalds (though you may need to buy a drink)
    • shopping centres (including Lewisham Shopping Centre)
    • public transport and stations
    • You can download apps to find free Wi-Fi near you, such as: Wifi-Map and Wifi Finder

Be careful of the possibility of criminal fake free wifi (check the name carefully) and other security risks and avoid giving personal details or doing online banking.

  • Your network (O2 etc) will have its own free wifi spots
  • There are ten outdoor smart benches with free wifi, USB charging ports and wireless charging in Lewisham, for example in Catford (next to the Civic Suite); in Sydenham (Tannsfeld Rd and Sydenham Rd junction) and Bell Green (near Southend Lane). There are also three points in the Deptford/New Cross area, and three points in the Lewisham central area. A map with the other locations is at:
  • Use your smartphone if you’ve data, either directly or by tethering your device
  • Catbytes offer a service where they lend a smartphone device for free, and they can provide data to put in to the phone, or in to your existing device. To contact Catbytes: / Tel: 07939 288 079 / 020 8314 4702
  • For around £15 a month BT offers ‘BT Home Essentials’, a low cost broadband and phone plan for people on certain benefits. To qualify, you need to be in receipt of one of these benefits: Universal Credit, Income Support, Job Seeker’s Allowance, Employment and Support Allowance or Pension Credit. You also need to provide your National Insurance number when you order. Virgin Media also offers broadband for low income families for £15 a month. For more information:

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Date of last update: 24th April 2023