Community Connections Transport is able to provide door-door transport to appointments for Lewisham residents. This service is £10 for a return journey within Lewisham, and £15 plus additional expenses (i.e Congestion Charge) if the destination is outside of Lewisham. If there are multiple people going to the same destination we may match more than one person to each vehicle.

We ask that you read the below points before requesting a journey, and if you have any other questions please contact for more information.

Our drivers will: 

Call you before the drive to confirm, and only contact you about journeys 

Pick you up on time as much as traffic allows it and be positive and helpful towards you 

Drive you safely to ensure you reach your destination with a smile on your face 

Our drivers won’t: 

Drop you anywhere other than the allocated time and route, as we must respect our drivers’ time and other commitments 

Be able to help you transfer into the car

Take payment for the trip: all trips need to be paid in advance over the phone with our transport coordinator 

Go shopping for you or do anything else on your behalf: they are helping you to get to places so you can do things yourself 

We need: 

You or someone you trust to be able to answer the phone to arrange journeys and make payment before the drive 

You to give us 5 working days’ notice for booking a journey 

You to let us know if you need to cancel as soon as possible, we cannot refund if you cancel less than 24 hours before a drive

You to let us know any mobility or language needs that you have so we can best support you 

You to respect the driver, other passengers and the vehicle you are in at all times

Please only refer if you have a specific journey you would like to request.

If you would like to log a general interest, please contact Angelie on 07927 953 487 or If you add a date simply to fill in the form then your referral will not be processed.

Travel Companions support those who are independent enough to use public transport but need support with following a route or who want someone to come with them on the way. Transport drivers take up to 3 people in a vehicle to destinations who otherwise cannot use public transport but are still able to transfer into a vehicle.
i.e Community Connections Lewisham, Leaflet, word of mouth, community event

About the passenger

Please note that those who used the service before the transfer from VSL in August 2022 will need to re-register with CCT
Please select one from the dropdown list above
i.e you cannot mobilise without crutches and do not feel confident waiting at a bus stop, you are unable to follow a planned route, you have visual impairments so are unable to identify a route
Please know that we are unable to support service users who cannot transfer themselves into a vehicle
ie up stairs, round the side of the building, live on the 3rd floor, buzzer doesn't work
This can be done over the phone or through a link sent to their email

Next of Kin details

If you prefer, we can make contact with your Next of Kin (family member or close friend), provided they have given their permission.

About the Journey

i.e Sow & Grow, Blood Test, PIP Assessment, Pottery Class
Please note that we need at least 5 working days' notice to fulfil requests
eg you will have a dog so can't be in a car with anyone else, you will be carrying shopping, you don't know when you will be done
In order to help you, we need to store information about you. The law says that we must get your consent to do this. Everything you tell us will be treated confidentially and your data will be subject to the Data Protection Act 2018. Records will be kept securely for 6 years and then securely destroyed. For more information please visit our website at