In order to deliver our CCL service effectively we have continued to develop and maintain strong partnerships with other community organisations across Lewisham borough.

Our team of Partnership Coordinators are responsible for forming ‘Key Partnerships’ with other vital community organisations that we can then refer you to if and when you need their specialist support.  

You can find out more about our key partners here, which we have grouped into the following categories:              



They are a multidisciplinary team of Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, therapy assistants and postural stability specialists providing assistance to older people who have fallen or who are at risk of falls. Some of the support they provide includes Strength & Balance classes, physiotherapy treatment, and providing equipment for exercise. We are able to refer clients aged 65+ to this team (those under 65 will need to be referred by a medical professional). 



A Community team of Dieticians that assist people who are going through unexplained weight loss or are at risk of malnutrition. Through home visits and/or telephone appointments, they support people to address the underlying causes of malnutrition and give advice on healthy ways of gaining weight. They can also support clients who are looking to lose weight through their Weight Management service.

HAPPY FEET – Toenail cutting service

Happy Feet is a toenail cutting service run by Age UK Lewisham and Southwark. It run clinics across Lewisham and Southwark for residents aged 50 and over. Good foot health helps to reduce the risk of falls and maintain your physical health and wellbeing. Please be aware that there are some medical conditions that may require them to obtain your GP’s consent before they can provide the service. Happy Feet are unable to provide the service if you are on steroid medication or are a haemophiliac.


An NHS Service that helps people to stop smoking through a combination of support work and subsidised medication support across a 12-week programme. They will usually make contact with clients within 24 hours of a referral and provide 1:1 appointments at their clinics.



This service uses a recovery based model encompassing support work and medication to assist those at risk of alcohol or substance misuse. Through a mix of face to face appointments, online group workshops and telephone support they aim to help clients cease substance misuse altogether, though they will also support clients to meet their own personal targets. 


They offer support for anyone in Lewisham who would like to learn how to use a digital device like a laptop, Tablet or Smartphone. The service is targeted at people who have little or no computer skills and wish to learn things like using e-mail, searching the internet or how to complete practical tasks like online shopping or filling in forms. This primarily takes place at two community centres, Ewart Hall (Forest Hill) and Stanstead Lodge (Catford), where they offer 1:1 appointments and also a weekly drop-in known as ‘Techy Teas’. For individuals who cannot leave their home they can also offer 1:1 support through a series of home visits.

In addition to IT training, Catbytes are able to provide long-term loans of devices such as laptops or smartphones for people who do not have access to one (e.g. families needing a laptop for children to do homework). They will also be happy to provide support and advice for getting people connected to the internet in the most cost-effective way. 


Lewisham Foodbank, supported by the Trussell Trust, provides nutritionally balanced emergency food parcels to individuals and families. Each parcel provides one week’s supply of food. This is a short-term support service for individuals struggling to pay for their own food due to issues such as debt, lack of income and/or benefit delays. They cannot provide more than 5 parcels within a six month period but give advice to their users on how to resolve the underlying causes of their crisis. Individuals can be referred for foodbank support through calling our CCL support line and being issued a voucher code, which can then be redeemed at one of five foodbank centres in the borough.

This is a partnership of four organisations; Charlton Athletic Community Trust (CACT), Groundworks London (GWL), South East London Community Energy (SELCE) and Thinking Works (TW). Their mission is to support vulnerable and low-income households who struggle to heat their homes. This includes, for example, anyone 65 or over, anyone with a physical disability or mental health issue, and anyone under 65 who is on a low income and has high energy costs. Starting with an initial telephone consultation, they can offer advice on how to reduce energy bills, switch to a cheaper energy provider, or manage debts linked to energy bills. They also provide free energy saving devices, source free white goods, and help people apply for funding for a new boiler.


Little Village is like a food bank, except rather than food they provide donated clothes, toys and equipment for babies and children up to the age of 5. They are a volunteer led organisation that supports thousands of families each year across 22 different boroughs of London. In 2021 alone they supported 6463 children from families struggling with low income and they have proved a vital resource to many of our own service users over the past few years. Their website keeps an up to date list of the items they have available and whenever we refer someone to them they will provide tailored support to ensure that families get the items they need most. 


IAPT (Improving Access to Psychological Therapies) is a talking therapy service offered by fully trained and accredited NHS professionals. It is targeted towards those with mild to moderate mental health difficulties and covers a range of related issues including low mood, anxiety, phobias and sleep problems. Anyone registered with a Lewisham GP can be referred to the service and gain access to a range of support options depending on the persons particular needs. These include short-term one to one therapy, such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) or Guided Self-Help Sessions. They also offer group therapy and workshops for those with milder symptoms, and those who would rather engage in therapy independently will have immediate access to their online CBT service.  The waiting time varies depending on the service, with 1:1 CBT having the longest waiting time of approximately 6 months.   



This is a professional body that CCL is now a member of. Through collaboration of its partners it aims to ensure that local safeguarding arrangements are in place and to continually develop best practice in how it is delivered.  Safeguarding is there to identify, address and prevent cases of abuse and neglect (including self-neglect). It should always be person-centred, outcome focused and proportionate to the client’s needs. When appropriate our project will respond to safeguarding issues by contacting the Lewisham ‘Adult Gateway’ Team (formerly known as SCAIT) to ensure appropriate support and intervention is provided by the Lewisham Adult Social Care team.

We can refer you to the Fire Brigade who offer free home visits to assess any fire safety risks or hazards in your home. They can provide arson-proof letterboxes, fire retardant bedding, and fire alarms that are suitable for those who are hard of hearing. They will also carry out smoke alarm tests, provide free alarms, or add your details to their register so that they are aware in advance of any specific support needs if a fire should occur. They also offer specialised support for people with hoarding issues to minimise fire risk in their homes.


When appropriate we can refer clients to their local ‘Safer Neighbour Team’ (SNT), which each ward of Lewisham has. This is not an emergency service and will normally take 3-4 days to contact individuals referred (for any emergencies or urgent concerns you should call 999 instead). SNT’s will make home visits where required and can support residents with a broad range of issues. For example, those who have recently been the victims of crime, or who are concerned about issues like their home security or crime in their neighbourhood. It may just be to bring some peace of mind or it could be to raise and get advice on a particular issue e.g. disputes with neighbours, or ‘Cuckoo’ cases where criminal gangs target isolate and vulnerable individuals to use their homes for dealing drugs.


Linkline is a Lewisham Council Team that offers different types of Telecare equipment for anyone who feels at risk in their own home because of age, disability, isolation, illness or vulnerability. The most common type of equipment they supply is a pendant alarm, worn around a person’s neck or wrist and enabling 24 hour emergency contact with the Linkline team and emergency services. For this there is a £25 installation charge and an ongoing charge of £6.25 per week (except for those with a confirmed dementia diagnosis who get one free). Upon referral from a health professional, Linkline can also provide other Telecare devices and related equipment such as pressure-activated falls sensors, monitored smoke alarms and key safes.  



They provide affordable courses for adults aged 19+ on a wide range of topics. This includes courses in life skills such as languages and beginner level IT, and courses for people to further explore their hobbies e.g. drawing and painting, yoga, guitar lessons. For those wanting to gain an accreditation, they also offer GCSE level courses in academic subjects such as Maths and French, and employability based courses including childcare, fashion and haircare. As part of their provision they also offer family courses where children can attend with parents, grandparents or carers. They also run a series of courses called ‘Mindlift’ targeted at adults experiencing mental health issues. 

The standard rate for courses is £5.50 per hour, provided you have been a resident of the European Economic Area (EEA) for 3 or more years. They also offer a concessionary rate of just £2.75 per hour for those who are 65 or over when starting the course, and for anyone receiving certain benefits (JSA, ESA, Support Allowance and Universal Credit)  


Good Gym is a community of volunteer runners who combine getting fit with helping elderly, vulnerable and isolated members of the community. They do this by signing up to and carrying out physical tasks such as shopping or medication deliveries, or performing one off practical job such as garden clearances or changing lightbulbs (please note they cannot carry out professional work such as plumbing or electrical work). They support the work of other local community organisations and have recently been a vital asset to CCL through delivering free smartphones that we have issued to digitally excluded residents through our ‘Community Calling’ scheme. Another important part of their work is befriending, whereby volunteers will get exercise through regular social visits to isolated older people for a friendly chat.


Located in the heart of Deptford, the 999 Club provides holistic support to people facing homelessness, whether they are sleeping rough or vulnerably housed. Their key aims are to help users access sustainable housing and become financially independent through gaining employment and life skills.

Using their core staff and over 20 regular volunteers, they run a ‘Gateway Centre’ where people can grab a shower and breakfast, and an Advice & Support service that helps people to access housing support and benefits, and connect with private landlords that will accept former rough sleepers. They also run an Employability Support Programme that helps users build their self-esteem and skills, and ultimately to get back into the work place through accessing suitable volunteering roles and internships that increase their employability.

They carry out a similar service similar to ours but specialise in supporting people living with a dementia diagnosis, as well as their carers. Types of support they offer includes information and advice, group activities, financial advice, and tailored support to help those with dementia to maintain strength and balance, nutrition and home safety. To be referred it is essential that a person has been formally diagnosed with dementia by a medical professional.

They support people with long-term visual impairments to become more active and independent. Their Community Sight Support service offer fortnightly home visits to clients to provide emotional support and practical help with things like reading letters and completing forms .They also run group classes (including cooking, yoga and beginner level IT), arrange volunteer befrienders, and provide practical assistance, such as sourcing bespoke laptops or helping people apply for grants for furniture and white goods.


This organisation supports people who act as a carer for someone else on either a paid or unpaid basis.  To be eligible for this support it is essential that the person being cared for is a Lewisham resident. They offer emotional support at their groups and online meetings, such as bereavement support and a mental health support group run in partnership with SLAM. They also offer practical support and advice for issues like benefits e.g. applying for Carers Allowance. They are no longer able to accept referrals where the person being cared for has been diagnosed with dementia (See ‘Dementia Hub’ above).

PLUS LEWISHAM supports adults (anyone 18+) in Lewisham who have a learning disability or Autism, offering a range of activities, groups, days out and holidays. Their team has expert knowledge and experience of supporting adults with learning disabilities and autistic spectrum conditions. A number of activities are run at ‘Pretty Little Cupcakes’, a social enterprise cake shop based in Penge that support people’s social wellbeing as well as developing their employability skills. For example, through free groups sessions in bakery, cake decoration, IT and Arts & Crafts. They also run an allotment group where participants learn how to grow their own food, and their ‘Activity PLUS’ scheme offers healthy leisure activities such as bowling and a rambling group.


They are a multidisciplinary team of Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, therapy assistants and postural stability specialists providing assistance to older people who have fallen or who are at risk of falls. Some of the support they provide includes Strength & Balance classes, physiotherapy treatment, and providing equipment for exercise. We are able to refer clients aged 65+ to this team (those under 65 will need to be referred by a medical professional).

METRO is a free service based in New Cross that promotes health and wellbeing through their transformative services to anyone experiencing issues relating to sexuality, gender, equality, diversity and identity. They use their unique insight from these transformative services and their diverse heritage to influence decision makers and to effect positive change. They offer a range of support service including 1:1 LBGTQ+ counselling, Advice & Advocacy for families living with HIV,  Wellbeing sessions, and a weekly LGBTQ+ mental health drop-in.