Partnership Coordination Team

Our Partnership Coordinators (PCs) are responsible for developing and sustaining our ‘Key Partnerships’ with a growing list of voluntary and statutory organisations and services in the borough. Having these partnerships enables us to make quick direct referrals whenever one of our clients needs the bespoke professional support they offer. Each key partnership is managed by a particular PC and the ongoing relationship they build ensures that we have accurate information and regular updates about how their service works. Alongside this, the PCs are the first point of contact for when you get in touch with us through our online referral form or over the phone.


~Partnership Coordination Manager~

As the Partnership Coordination Manager I help the team to provide information on all the different services available in our community. I also help to maintain good relationships with our broad range of key partners. My background is in the health and social care sector around South London. In my spare time I enjoy exploring my local community, reading, and learning new things.


As a Partnership Coordinator I am one of the first points of contact for CCL service users. Alongside working on our busy phoneline I look after our key partnerships with organisations including Athena, 999 Club, and Lewisham Foodbank. Outside of work I enjoy yoga, crochet and eating and cooking different cuisines. 


As a Partnership Coordinator I enjoy speaking with service users and making a positive difference to their days, as well as maintaining our relationships with partners including Adult Learning Lewisham, Humankind, and Catbytes. My educational background is in health & social care and psychology and currently I’m studying for an MA in Health Psychology. I have a strong passion for understanding people and the issues that affect them physically, psychologically, socially and emotionally. In my free time I enjoy watching movies, game shows, and animations, cooking for family and friends, and attempting to learn Japanese.



I am the Partnership Coordinator for our Mental Health partnerships, which include METRO Charity, PLUS and the Lewisham Refugee & Migrant Network. I also help our service users on our phone line and through face-to-face chats at our weekly drop-in sessions. I enjoy being able to support people in improving their overall wellbeing. In my spare time I enjoy reading, sewing and going to the theatre.  


As a Partnership Coordinator I look after several partnerships including with Dementia Hub and Lewisham Falls Team. I also work on our busy phone line where I enjoy being able to offer help and a friendly ear to our service users. I am passionate about animals and plants and in my free time, amongst other things I enjoy walking, gardening and driving to the countryside or coast where I can relax in nature.


As a Partnership Coordinator I provide help on the phoneline and at our drop-in sessions. I also look after several of our partnerships including with GoodGym, London Fire Brigade and BlindAid. I enjoy connecting people with local community groups and services that can improve their wellbeing, reduce social isolation and loneliness, and create a stronger community. My background is in adult education, creativity and wellbeing, and project coordination. I enjoy walking in nature with family and friends, singing and dancing salsa.

Community Facilitation Team

Our team of Community Facilitators (CFs) are here to support clients who would like more in-depth support and therefore need a longer conversation. This will give them the opportunity to address any challenges and barriers they are facing and explore changes they would like to make. We call this Person-Centred Planning. When a person is referred for this support they will be contacted as soon as possible by a CF who specialises in their particular neighbourhood of Lewisham. Through an initial discussion the CF will help clients to identify their personal goals and any barriers to achieving them. Through follow up support over the next few 6-8 weeks the CF will then provide clients with information and support to help them achieve these goals. This could be anything from sending information about local community centres, helping them complete a transport application, referring them to one of our key partners, or accompanying them on their first visit to a new social group.   


~Community Facilitation Manager~

I am the project manager for Community Facilitation, leading our team of CFs. Having been a CF myself for 7 years before this I have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience of services in Lewisham and issues facing vulnerable residents. In my spare time I love to spend time with my family, watch musicals and go for long walks along the coast. 


I’m a Community Facilitator working to support patients in and around Lewisham Hospital. I enjoy helping people re-engage with community groups and stay busy. Outside of work I run a film and theatre company for young people, so I’m always keen to ask and hear about the passions and hobbies of the people I support.  


As the community facilitator for residents in Neighbourhood 3, I’m passionate about supporting people to engage in the community and empowering them to make lasting changes to support their wellbeing. I’m a keen advocate for using creativity, play and storytelling to improve wellbeing. I enjoy volunteering with the youth and worship teams at my local church, songwriting and adventuring in nature! 

Community Development Work


~Fundraising Development Manager~

As Fundraising Development Manager, I support local groups in Lewisham with their fundraising. My focus is on groups and charities who are working in ‘cold spots’, these are areas where the need is high but the provision is low. I can help groups to create a fundraising plan and provide advice with submitting funding applications. Outside of work, I’m a keen writer and also enjoy participating in sports activities.


~Community Development Worker~

I’m the Community Development Worker covering the whole of Lewisham. I support all the groups that my colleagues might signpost our service users to. For example, linking up groups with each other, publicising their activities, and supporting them with a range of tasks such as making funding applications or securing insurance. I am here as a neutral person with whom groups can discuss challenges with or bounce project ideas off. My background includes starting a lunch club, a refugee catering enterprise, an estate-based health and wellbeing project and a community centre. In my spare time I forage edible weeds, read, play tennis, volunteer and cycle.  

Volunteer Led Services


~Volunteer Led Services Manager~

I manage our services that rely on our amazing volunteers, our Befriending and Community Transport projects. Having grown up in Lewisham I love that I’m able to help the most isolated and vulnerable people in our community. In my spare time I collect (rather than read) books and play rugby and with the colour of my nails.


~Administration Assistant~

I provide administrative support to the Volunteer Led Services team, particularly Community Connections Transport. This is to ensure proper monitoring and accurate reporting of our services to clients, most of whom are Lewisham residents. I connect-the-dots! I am inquisitive and enjoy listening to music.


~Befriending Coordinator~

Our befriending project is long-established, having begun as part of Voluntary Services Lewisham over 50 years ago! My involvement began in 2011 when I joined VSL as a volunteer and went on to become the befriending coordinator in 2020. With the closure of VSL in 2022, Befriending and I transferred to AgeUKLS which means our fantastic volunteers will continue to make a real difference to the lives of lonely and isolated people in the borough of Lewisham. 


~Community Transport Coordinator~

Having begun as a Community Facilitator for CCL, I am now the Transport Coordinator for Community Connections Transport. My role involves coordinating journeys for vulnerable individuals to access the community, managing our lovely volunteer pool and building relationships with clients, their families and groups using our service. In my free time, I enjoy travelling to new countries and becoming immersed in their cultures. I also love shopping (especially charity shops or car boot sales!) and trying out different restaurants with family and friends.



I’m currently in charge of Communications. My role is to make Community Connections Lewisham known to all residents of Lewisham, both potential service users and fellow professionals who refer into our service. I do this in a variety of ways including digital content, event planning, producing printed material, and leading the rest of the team in the delivery of our Coms strategy. In my free time I enjoy cinema, music making, reading and being at the seaside. 



I joined CCL as a part time administrator in 2018 having previously worked in education and special needs. I provide administrative support to the team and work with our database to report on the amazing work we have done with so many Lewisham residents. Being part-time I have plenty of time to enjoy art classes and book clubs, and to explore local open spaces.

Senior Management


~Social Prescribing Manager~

As Social Prescribing Manager, I oversee all the Social Prescribing work we do for residents. This includes strategic overview of our Key Partnerships, exploring and developing new opportunities and projects to expand and enrich our services, and strengthening our relationship with the other Social Prescribers and Link Workers in the borough. I also oversee our Head of Communications, supporting our branding and marketing to be consistent, clear and accessible to all. I originally joined Age UK Lewisham & Southwark in 2018 as the Food2You Manager, before moving to CCL as the Partnership Coordination Manager in 2021. In my spare time I play football and love reading.


~Chief Operating Officer~

As Chief Operating Officer I oversee the whole Community Connections Lewisham team. I live in Lewisham and I really enjoy living and working in such an amazing community. I started working for CCL in 2019, pretty much as soon as I moved to the UK from France. I love hiking, travelling and listening to people’s stories.