One of the biggest challenges facing community groups at the moment, is securing sustainable funding to keep their projects and organisations running. The good news is that we can help.

Thanks to an innovative new scheme funded by Lewisham Council, we offer a programme of free fundraising support for community groups operating in Lewisham.

Please scroll down below to find answers to the following questions:

  • How does the fundraising support programme work?
  • Does my group qualify for the fundraising support?
  • What support is on offer?
  • How can I sign up?

How the Fundraising Support Programme works

Our free fundraising support is tailored to meet the needs of groups working in ‘cold spots’ within Lewisham. ‘Cold spots’ are areas where the need is high but there are currently gaps in services and provision. This includes groups providing services for health conditions that are not adequately catered for here in Lewisham and geographic areas of the borough where there are fewer groups and funding investment.

Our annual Gaps Report 2022 highlights the current gaps in service provision within Lewisham. We are particularly keen to work with groups and organisations who are interested in either expanding their services to cover gaps in provision or partnering with other groups to help close these gaps. By closing the gaps, we can make sure that relevant groups and activities are in place for everyone who needs them. 

Who the programme is for

For the first year of the Cold Spot fundraising programme we will prioritise working with groups operating in Lewisham and providing any of the following activities: 

  • One-to-one or group befriending  
  • Delivering work in Downham 
  • Supporting people with COPD or another respiratory illness
  • Offering mental health support 

How we can help

We will support groups with their fundraising by providing:

  • One-to-one support with funding applications

This includes guidance on where to look for funding opportunities, help with constructing a project budget and feedback on draft applications 

  • Quarterly collaboration workshops

These workshops will be themed around one of the gaps in the borough. They provide opportunities for groups to come together to co-design solutions to gaps and explore potential partnership opportunities. 

How to sign up

During year one, the programme is open to any Lewisham group providing either: one-to-one or group befriending, delivering work in Downham, supporting people with COPD or offering mental health support.

A contact form will be available on this web page shortly but for now please feel free to email any queries to our Fundraising Development Manager Leanne at